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29 Oct 2019
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Geocell is a high-level technological engineering, in the form of interconnected networks so that it can hold and stabilize the soil. The geocell system provides a long-term solution to overcome land instability, such as road infrastructure, cliffs, building canals or other locations. Installation of Geotextile material is very easy, fast and practical, does not require special tools, so in the end the budget becomes very efficient both in terms of time and work materials. Cost savings can be achieved.

Geocell's advantages:

  • Fast, flexible and simple in its application
  • Cut down on work time
  • Reducing material costs on a volume basis
  • Easy to carry, installation is very easy and practical
  • Directly can be used, without curring time
  • Resistant to biological and chemical elements from the soil
  • Easy to install and can be used again
  • Long service life

Geocell Function:

  1. Protection of mountain slopes to prevent erosion
  2. Increases soil resistance to make it stronger
  3. As a barrier to the flow of water at the ground level

Geocell application:

  1. Construction of highways / railroads
  2. The area of ​​the roadside slopes
  3. Slope stabilization

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