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Specification of Geogrid

Geogrid is a polymer material that is arranged in the shape of a net by crossing each other's filaments at the connection, made of polypropylene. Geogrids are produced through sheet extrusion, sewing, heating and stretching.

Geogrids have high tensile strength and tensile modulus that exceeds the international level as reinforcement material. Geogrids can improve sub grade and sub base performance by acting as reinforcement for embankment material. Geogrids become increasingly effective when projects must be associated with geotechnically complex soils. This material provides reinforcement of road pavement through high rigidity and good interlocking capabilities.

Geogrids have three types of grid openings, namely: Unixial geogrids with long holes resembling rectangles. Biaxial Geogrids with square holes. And Triaxial Geogrid with a triangle shaped hole.

Geogrid application:

  • Strengthening slopes and retaining walls
  • Airport runway
  • Piles of roads and railroad runways
  • Bridge abutments
  • Parking area

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