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23 Aug 2019
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Specification of

Gabions or Gabions are boxes made of woven zinc-coated steel wire which in use is filled with stones to prevent erosion which is mounted on cliffs, river banks, where the manufacturing process uses machines.

The Gabions we produce are made from thick galvanized soft steel wire with. Tensile Strength (Tensile Strength) 41 - 53 Kg / mm2 which refers to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

Function or use of Gabion or Gabion:

  1. Protect and strengthen soil cliffs on river slopes or embankment slopes
  2. Maintain river banks against water flow and erosion

However, now the implementation of gabion to various elements of design has developed very rapidly. Gabion is no longer seen only as a functional application, but has far developed into an aesthetic process that has its own appeal. Gabion wires have also been made very diverse to compensate for the more dynamic application.

Advantages of Gabion:

  1. Flexible, can follow the movement of the ground below without damaging the construction
  2. Translucent water, so it can reduce active soil pressure due to water that can flow through the gabion rock
  3. The construction is simple, can be done without a high-tech machine
  4. Can be installed in a variety of environments, whether in water or dry areas
  5. Its weight is light and easy to carry
  6. Can be produced with sizes that are tailored to the needs in the field.


  1. Prevention of erosion and landslides
  2. Construction of retaining walls
  3. Prevent abrasion and breakwater in coastal areas
  4. Strengthening bridge posts from water flows
  5. Strengthening sloping cliff walls

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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