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17 Dec 2019
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Cast Plastics are plastic sheets which are manufactured with advanced technology and are specifically designed for slab on ground when cement or concrete castings are poured. The goal is that the cast material is not mixed with the soil which causes water to enter the concrete pores. In addition, if it is not coated with cast plastic, the iron in the concrete skeleton will be easily corroded.

To get maximum results, cast plastic can be coated with a geotextile, so that the friction surface of the concrete plate does not occur with the ground causing cracks.
Plastics used during the casting process usually measure 0.05 millimicrons to 0.1 millimicron so they are not easily torn when trampled. Cast plastic is generally made of LDPE (Low Density Polyester).

Cast Plastic Application:

  • Highway and toll road projects
  • Building or Building Projects
  • Parking and Field Areas
  • Airport

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